Day 97 Lets Build A MEAN Stack App Part 1

Today is the final lesson in the Node.js course. I will be applying everything I have learned from the course to build an app. A common app to understand many of the moving parts of a coding language is to build a to do list. The requirements for this is app is a user can […]

Day 70 JavaScript Mini Framework/Library Project

For the past couple of days I have been busy moving, so there hasn’t been any blog updates. Instead of staying up till 3am coding I’ve been reorganizing trying to get situated at the new apartment. First time had the weekend off in a long time. However, I finally completed The Weird Parts Of JavaScript […]

Day 35 JavaScript ES6

Alright, so today decided to get back in the freecodecamp courses. I ended up finishing the ES6 portion of JavaScript. ES6 is the latest version of JavaScript. They come with new features, const and let are both more powerful functions than var. Const once used, the variable can’t be reassigned. In other words, it’s an immutable variable except […]

Day 22 JavaScript Keywords This, Let, Const

Another day of writing down notes for hours. I’m actually pretty surprised that I’ve run out of ink for 3 pens so far, and 75% through my notebook. Writing down notes, then doing the coding portions in freecodecamp is definitely a longer route. However, it feels like information is sticking compared to just writing code, […]

Day 21 JavaScript Strict Mode (Coding Officially Becomes A Habit)!

Today marks the day, of what psychologists say is the amount of time it takes to form a new habit. It’s official, coding is now a habit! Another big psychological milestone to be accomplished. Now it’s time to code for 6 weeks where most people fall off. Along with coding, came blogging and vlogging as […]