Pokedex Project

Hey, coders, it's time to bring everything together with what I've learned with jquery by building a Pokedex. This project combined mainly used the new knowledge of AJAX. I was able to use a cool free pokemon API to get all of the pokemon data called pokeapi.co. Simple HTML was made just created a search... Continue Reading →

What is Jquery 2019

Hey, coders, it's onward with the Javascript learning. Since the last blog, I've been practicing using jquery. Even though it may be old and there may be new libraries, but it's still the most downloaded library on the internet, also it's is still the legacy code to many websites. According to Wikipedia, 70% of the... Continue Reading →


Hey, coders over the weekend I got familiar with ES6 up to the current ES10. ES6 had the most amount of changes and very powerful ones it made a lot of code shorter and for loops simpler as well. ES6 2015 The things that I practiced with ES6 were declaring variables with let and const.... Continue Reading →

JS Pokemon Game Completed

Hey, coders its been a few days since my last blog. I completed the Pokemon game project with plenty of bugs along the way. Just as I finished fixing all of my errors in my last blog I came across even more… This happened because I put everything in an object. This was a necessary... Continue Reading →

Debugging Break Through

Previously in my last blog, I was stuck with errors in my Pokemon game, and as I suggested taking a break from the code helped. It wasn't only that though it was stepping back and increasing my time preference to accept the learning curve. I stepped back and read inspiring stories of others who became... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Console.log

Coding is not as easy as just coding and everything working out. The majority of coding is problem-solving. So, of course, I ran into some errors in my code. Today was about studying the developer tools in google to console log Javascript code more effectively. I watched videos on codingphase.com about debugging in javascript, looked... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Pokemon Game

Hey, coders, today's project is something I've been working on for a few days now, which is a pokemon game. It's a simple game using the OG Kanto region starters minus Pikachu. I simply used the animation sprites from a pokemon database website smogen.com The first things set up was the HTML and CSS for... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Land

Hello, coders, I'm back from blogging hiatus, even though I've inactive I've still been coding but slacking. It's getting closer and closer to the end of the year. My portfolio is good on HTML and CSS projects but now its time for more complex projects. JavaScript time yet again. This will be my third time... Continue Reading →

WordPress Blog Revamp Plugins 2019

Revamping my blog was one of the first tasks after the #100DaysOfCode challenge. So here is a list of plug-ins I have compiled for my blog. First tasks we’re adding in things to possibly monetize my blog....eventually. So first things first I went over to Google AdSense to set up ads to be on my... Continue Reading →

#100DaysOfCode Challenge Completed!

Finally, the 100 days of code challenge has been completed! This experience has probably the most I have ever learned in a 100 day time period. I feel like its more than what I've learned in all 4 years of this broken public schooling system. I documented my whole journey in my blog and also... Continue Reading →

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