#100DaysOfCode Challenge Completed!

Finally, the 100 days of code challenge has been completed! This experience has probably the most I have ever learned in a 100 day time period. I feel like its more than what I've learned in all 4 years of this broken public schooling system. I documented my whole journey in my blog and also... Continue Reading →

Day 73 JavaScript DOM Part 2

Today was another day of learning about the DOM . I forgot to mention yesterday but as expected HTML DOM elements are objects. This is to be expected because practically everything in JavaScript is an object like classes and even functions. The topics today were about nodes, events, and event listeners. Everything in the HTML... Continue Reading →

Day 72 JavaScript DOM Part 1

Today I learned about document object model(DOM), which is something I've been using on practically all of the JavaScript projects I've worked on so far. However, I didn't understand what was really going on. The video I watched to gain information about DOM was Traversy Media. The DOM is a tree of nodes/elements created by... Continue Reading →

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