2020 Mclaren 720S Spider Landing Page Color Picker & Performance Container

Today was a gloomy start due to the bs scenarios that we all similarly create in our heads. Luckily I started off my day coding at 5am, and get to listen to a great podcast before work to give me that kick in the ass to start my day. Keep moving forward without emotion towards […]

#100DaysOfCode Challenge Completed!

Finally, the 100 days of code challenge has been completed! This experience has probably the most I have ever learned in a 100 day time period. I feel like its more than what I’ve learned in all 4 years of this broken public schooling system. I documented my whole journey in my blog and also […]

Day 97 Lets Build A MEAN Stack App Part 1

Today is the final lesson in the Node.js course. I will be applying everything I have learned from the course to build an app. A common app to understand many of the moving parts of a coding language is to build a to do list. The requirements for this is app is a user can […]

Day 77 JavaScript DOM, API, AJAX Practice

Today was more hands on kind of day. Now that I understand the abstractions and concepts behind DOM, AJAX, & API it’s time to put in the work and apply the code to make it work. Now it just comes down to repetition of applying these methods in different projects to get accustomed to using […]

Day 56 Rock Paper Scissors Game

Today was a fun project! I created a rock, paper, scissors shoot game. It was a video from Freecodecamp’s it was a really good video. Actually the best follow along tutorial video I’ve seen so far. It explained a lot of things while I was following along. Even basic information he would repeat and say […]

Day 55 Portfolio Practice

Day by day getting closer to becoming a developer professionally. However, I am still not confident in my availability. As the days get closer I practiced making a portfolio today. The portfolio I created was just using HTML 5 and CSS. No JavaScript so tomorrow’s project will be focused on that. I added this practice […]