#100DaysOfCode Challenge Completed!

Finally, the 100 days of code challenge has been completed! This experience has probably the most I have ever learned in a 100 day time period. I feel like its more than what I've learned in all 4 years of this broken public schooling system. I documented my whole journey in my blog and also... Continue Reading →

Day 59 JavaScript Higher Order Functions

Repetition, repetition, repetition the higher functions of JavaScript are finally starting to click. I’ve went over what they are and what they do in freecodecamp but it still wasn’t fully clicking. Not until I started to do projects and study coding methodologies it wasn’t fully clicking. I am of the philosophy of being in a... Continue Reading →

Day 56 Rock Paper Scissors Game

Today was a fun project! I created a rock, paper, scissors shoot game. It was a video from Freecodecamp's it was a really good video. Actually the best follow along tutorial video I've seen so far. It explained a lot of things while I was following along. Even basic information he would repeat and say... Continue Reading →

Day 52 Countdown Landing Page

First time requesting a day off work overnight this year. Today celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday. So it’s a bit ironic that I chose a project relating to time. Time itself has been an interesting topic I’ve been learning about in reference to sound money and Austrian economics. Salability is an aspect of sound money... Continue Reading →

Day 51 JavaScript Bookmark Application

Switched gears from landing pages today and focused on a more JavaScript based project. Today I built a bookmark application following Traversy Media. It was my first time using bootstrap today it wasn't mentioned in the freecodecamp courses yet, but I knew a little about it. Using it for the first time was definitely eye... Continue Reading →

Day 50 Split Responsive Landing Page

Today marks the half way mark of #100daysofcode challenge! Still surviving the challenge and still keeping the hope alive of a career change. Today's project was a fun simple one. I created a split responsive landing page, which will be helpful in my search for a job as a front end developer. Projects for my... Continue Reading →

Day 49 Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Today I completed first project while documenting it on GitHub! Before when I made a GitHub last month actually connecting my Git repo to the GitHub website was the confusion I had. This was a fun project overall to create. Followed along with the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel. The tic-tac-toe AI we created is unbeatable and... Continue Reading →

Day 48 GitHub Set Up

Today was dedicated to setting up my GitHub account and figuring out how to use it. I wanted to be able to start a project but it took longer than I thought. I followed tutorials on YouTube by The Net Ninja. Also downloaded Atom and CMND for Windows. The basics of using Git from the... Continue Reading →

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