Day 39 JavaScript Data Structures Completed

Today I finished the basic JavaScript data structure portion in freecodecamp. For my vlog today I read a blog post explaining data structures out loud. Again the reason for this blog and vlog besides documentation is to remember what I am learning. Yesterday's blog went over stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs, & hash tables. Today... Continue Reading →

Day 33 JavaScript Objects

Objects and garbage collection was today's topic. Also some more experimenting happened today. The new experiment was making flash cards to memorize definitions and syntaxes. I really want to hammer in fundamentals of JavaScript, because it plays a huge role into front end development. Once I know JavaScript and it's libraries I will be confident... Continue Reading →

Day 9 First Technical Documentation Page!

Today’s accomplishment was creating first technical documentation page. What better technical documentation page than the best love story ever written. The bitcoin whitepaper of course! Birthed from the financial crash of 2008 and creating a solution for it to not happen again. More of that in a crypto blog Last night wasn’t as productive as... Continue Reading →

Day 8 First Landing Page !

Today’s assignment and accomplishment was completing a product landing page. This is something I had fun with and made a landing page for Mysterium. This was a project with a product idea of a decentralized VPN. They were self funded with an ICO. Initial coin offerring (ICO) is a funding mechanism to bypass all the... Continue Reading →

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