2020 Mclaren 720S Landing Page Completed

Hey coders it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Quite a bit of change is taking place And it’s been kicking my ass momentarily. Change in work schedule, work, and newborn. Even with coding it’s changed. The one hour a day to learn to code promoted by #100DaysOfCode is definitely not enough time. I’ve been overwhelmed […]

2020 Mclaren 720S Spider Landing Page Color Picker & Performance Container

Today was a gloomy start due to the bs scenarios that we all similarly create in our heads. Luckily I started off my day coding at 5am, and get to listen to a great podcast before work to give me that kick in the ass to start my day. Keep moving forward without emotion towards […]

2020 Mclaren Car Landing Page Update

Today’s coding journey has been productive, but still slacking. I’m sure people can finish something like this in a day. However, I need to ingrain the methods and little CSS tricks into my brain first to go. I’m not discouraged since day by day I’m getting better and understanding more by doing. Here is the […]

Mclaren 2020 720s Spider Car Landing Page Project

It’s been a busy weekend figuring out the kids schedules. Now that there’s a newborn my 2 year old is not liking it at all and is requiring a lot more attention diverting me from my work. I notice that successful people time box all aspects of their lives including time boxing family time. That […]