Memorial Day Coding Courses Sale!

Hello coders there is a great sale going on for only this weekend at Coding Phase. Joe is a YouTuber I’ve been following for a few months and I respect his hustle and work. The sale is for a yearly subscription and access to all 44 of his courses all year. This is well worth […]

How To Create A Website With WordPress and Elementor

In this blog I will be going over which plugins are needed to create great websites using elementor. Elementor is a live page builder, you are able to see your changes to your website right away. It truly allows you to drag and drop anything from text, widget, image, etc. Elementor is available for free […]

WordPress Blog Revamp Plugins 2019

Revamping my blog was one of the first tasks after the #100DaysOfCode challenge. So here is a list of plug-ins I have compiled for my blog. First tasks we’re adding in things to possibly monetize my blog….eventually. So first things first I went over to Google AdSense to set up ads to be on my […]

#301DaysOfCode Challenge Commitment

Today is day 101 I just completed the #100DaysOfCode challenge. That was just the beginning of my coding journey. I am recommitting to keep learning how to code with the #301DaysOfCode challenge. Since I just finished the challenge I want to actually create websites etc. So for this week I’ll be fixing up my blog, […]

#100DaysOfCode Challenge Completed!

Finally, the 100 days of code challenge has been completed! This experience has probably the most I have ever learned in a 100 day time period. I feel like its more than what I’ve learned in all 4 years of this broken public schooling system. I documented my whole journey in my blog and also […]

How To Test APIs With Postman

How can we actually test our API that we build the previous blog? Today we’re going to use a utility called Postman to test our API. It is clean and easy to use. Postman what it basically lets you do is generate HTTP requests. So I can create get requests, post requests, delete requests, and […]

Day 98 Lets Build A MEAN Stack App Part 2

In part 1 of building our todo app we set up our Mongo database, express, ejs, and our body parser. It is ready and listening. Adding Seed Data Now it’s time to add seed data. Seed data is initial data when you first create the database it’s empty and you seed it with its initial […]

Day 97 Lets Build A MEAN Stack App Part 1

Today is the final lesson in the Node.js course. I will be applying everything I have learned from the course to build an app. A common app to understand many of the moving parts of a coding language is to build a to do list. The requirements for this is app is a user can […]

Day 96 MEAN Full Stack Review

Hello coders the same grind going on today of working and listening to the Node.js course from the beginning again. First of all a full stack developer is a developer who knows all the pieces of a software stack. They can build software by themselves if need be. This is the goal to become a […]

Day 95 Angular Client Management Practice

Previous blog we installed and set up angular. In this blog I’ll do more practice with angular and code an app. With things properly in the html index file, we move onto the app.js code. The first thing I did in the app.js is create a module for our TestApp we created in the markup. […]