JavaScript Console.log

Coding is not as easy as just coding and everything working out. The majority of coding is problem-solving. So, of course, I ran into some errors in my code. Today was about studying the developer tools in google to console log Javascript code more effectively. I watched videos on about debugging in javascript, looked... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Pokemon Game

Hey, coders, today's project is something I've been working on for a few days now, which is a pokemon game. It's a simple game using the OG Kanto region starters minus Pikachu. I simply used the animation sprites from a pokemon database website The first things set up was the HTML and CSS for... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Land

Hello, coders, I'm back from blogging hiatus, even though I've inactive I've still been coding but slacking. It's getting closer and closer to the end of the year. My portfolio is good on HTML and CSS projects but now its time for more complex projects. JavaScript time yet again. This will be my third time... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Projects

Hey coders I've been slacking with coding projects lately. Now that I created a practice portfolio its time to buy a portfolio made by good designers and really clean up my projects so that it looks professional. For now my goal is to clean up my portfolio projects so that they look professional. This past... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Footer Done Right

Hey coders its day 131 on the road to code. So this is a bit controversial of a topic to have your contact information in your portfolio. Short answer is no it shouldn't be. Employers should already have your contact information before they even look at your portfolio. With that being said anyone else looking... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Testimonial Section

Hey coders today was more work towards the practice portfolio. This is from scratch, however I am not a designer so I will be going with a more customized portfolio. Nonetheless creating this from nothing is fun. I used Satoshi Nakamoto as my example for the laughs. I wish I got could be acknowledged by... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Blog

Hey coders its day 129 on the road to code. I've been stressing about progress and speed of execution lately but that doesn't matter as long as you stay in the game and keep on pushing through it. I may not have as much free time as younger people but I'll keep on learning even... Continue Reading →

Branding Portfolio Layout

Hello coders, so I'm finally working on a mock portfolio and with it I'll be able to start giving it to employers to look for work. This is exciting, even though I still need to customize my portfolio first and add more projects to impress employers. Today I just started to work on it but... Continue Reading →

First Project Sites Deployed

Hey coders today, I finally deployed two of my projects on the internet with heroku. Heroku provides a free hosting service to deploy your website. However, it doesn't take only HTML & CSS files for deployment. Even though my projects were static html files I was able to upload them by tricking heroku that my... Continue Reading →

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