2020 Mclaren 720S Spider Landing Page Color Picker & Performance Container

Today was a gloomy start due to the bs scenarios that we all similarly create in our heads. Luckily I started off my day coding at 5am, and get to listen to a great podcast before work to give me that kick in the ass to start my day. Keep moving forward without emotion towards […]

2020 Mclaren Car Landing Page Update

Today’s coding journey has been productive, but still slacking. I’m sure people can finish something like this in a day. However, I need to ingrain the methods and little CSS tricks into my brain first to go. I’m not discouraged since day by day I’m getting better and understanding more by doing. Here is the […]

Mclaren 2020 720s Spider Car Landing Page Project

It’s been a busy weekend figuring out the kids schedules. Now that there’s a newborn my 2 year old is not liking it at all and is requiring a lot more attention diverting me from my work. I notice that successful people time box all aspects of their lives including time boxing family time. That […]

Social Media Landing Page Completed

Finally the social media landing page project is over in the course. However, I still need to complete 2 more projects this week to be on track. Small victory then its on to more execution. This project taught me a lot especially getting back to the basics HTML and CSS. I’ve been focusing only on […]

Debug Like A Pro

Today was filled with a lot of heartache trying to debug my CSS code. After hours of trying to find errors in my code through “inspect” in the browser, I aligned the sub-menu to the right side and got the box shadows to work. The hours I spent trying to the error ended up being […]

Social Media Project Part 2

Its the end of the first week at Coding Phase ASAP developers courses. An honest retrospective is that I’m slacking on keeping up. I wasn’t able to complete the full first project this week and finishing it up now. I did however make good progress on it. Here is what I have built so far. […]

Social Media HTML/CSS Header

The first week of Coding Phase course is coming to an end tomorrow. I must admit it is a lot more of a workload. Definitely need to be coding a few hours a day. Which is definitely quite the challenge to get that much free time. Between working two jobs coming home to a 2 […]

CSS Basics 2019

What is CSS? “Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML.” -Wikipedia The whole world wide web uses CSS, and is used to style web pages. Without CSS the internet would look like plain old text. How do you apply […]

HTML5 Basics 2019

Today was more of the same grind of getting down to business on Coding Phase courses. The first project will be about HTML and CSS, however, this time around it is more exciting to learn about. Instead of building a old out of date 90s web page the first project will be creating a web […]

Developer Starter Set Up 2019

Coding Phase memorial day sale just ended and it is much better than I initially thought. Joe the instructor has set up a closed Facebook for accountability and had first livestream meet up last night. The goal is to make sure everyone gets hired by two months by putting in the work and following the […]