Day 38 JavaScript Data Structures

Day 38 was about JavaScript data structures. Which we kind of just went into freecodecamp courses without a bigger picture being explained. It just went right into writing arrays. First question did explain that arrays held collection data, but I like knowing the bigger picture of its importance. So in my quest of truth of... Continue Reading →

Day 37 Debugging v3 Completed

Debugging yet again. This is the third time getting into debugging. However, this time I actually got to code the debugging process. The accomplishment of surviving today was the completion of the debugging portion in freecodecamp. The first two times learned about debugging I only read about it and made notes. So this time around... Continue Reading →

Day 36 JavaScript Regular Expressions.

Yesterday I finished up with the ES6 and most of regular expression portion in freecodecamp. I was surprised at how long the course regarding to just one function. Just goes to show how complex regular expressions are. There were a lot of different scenarios of using it. Regular expressions allow you to check strings of... Continue Reading →

Day 35 JavaScript ES6

Alright, so today decided to get back in the freecodecamp courses. I ended up finishing the ES6 portion of JavaScript. ES6 is the latest version of JavaScript. They come with new features, const and let are both more powerful functions than var. Const once used, the variable can’t be reassigned. In other words, it’s an immutable variable except... Continue Reading →

Day 33 JavaScript Objects

Objects and garbage collection was today's topic. Also some more experimenting happened today. The new experiment was making flash cards to memorize definitions and syntaxes. I really want to hammer in fundamentals of JavaScript, because it plays a huge role into front end development. Once I know JavaScript and it's libraries I will be confident... Continue Reading →

Day 31 JavaScript Debugging v2

Today I went over debugging again which was in better detail this time around. Compared to w3schools this one was a lot more in depth with graphics. The debugging process doesn't look too difficult however it isn't just memorizing a syntax. Here are the basic things to look for, which can be found in Google... Continue Reading →

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