Day 25 Starting 2019 with JavaScript

Today is the first day of the year and it was spent learning about the JavaScript’s basics! What a great start to the year. I am really appreciating taking notes from w3schools. It has allowed me to understand the fundamentals more in depth compared to just executing code. However, just taking notes about JavaScript wasn’t […]

Day 24 New Years Coding Resolution

Another year has come and gone. The first year being in crypto and making a blog. A pivotal year that inspired me to code. I’ve made many new friends that have been made from online communities. Mainly regarding friends from, who I ended up meeting most of them this year at a meetup. So now […]

Day 23 JavaScript Debugging & Coding Etiquette

Finally, see the note-taking end in sight! Tomorrow will finally be done with writing down notes from w3schools on JavaScript. Today I covered 4 sections in w3schools which were debugging, style guide, best practices, and mistakes. For JavaScript debugging I did not know that every browser had a native debugger. This topic wasn’t gone into […]

Day 22 JavaScript Keywords This, Let, Const

Another day of writing down notes for hours. I’m actually pretty surprised that I’ve run out of ink for 3 pens so far, and 75% through my notebook. Writing down notes, then doing the coding portions in freecodecamp is definitely a longer route. However, it feels like information is sticking compared to just writing code, […]

Day 21 JavaScript Strict Mode (Coding Officially Becomes A Habit)!

Today marks the day, of what psychologists say is the amount of time it takes to form a new habit. It’s official, coding is now a habit! Another big psychological milestone to be accomplished. Now it’s time to code for 6 weeks where most people fall off. Along with coding, came blogging and vlogging as […]

Day 20 JavaScript Errors

Finally Christmas is over! Day 20 on the Road To Code. Today I learned about JavaScript errors and scope. For the JavaScript errors only learned about where errors occurred and how it would look when it pops up. Nothing in regards to debugging…yet! This is something I’m pretty excited and scared about. I know that […]

Day 19 JavaScript Christmas Bitwise & RegExp

Today is Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you reading this, to you and your families. It was a good day even though did all of the Christmas festivities yesterday and even though I had work today. Work wasn’t a busy day at all and was able to get my notes done while there. Today […]

Day 18 Christmas Eve & JavaScript Break

Today was a hectic day! Started off with having to pick up catering from Wegmans, which was my first time going there. I must say it’s really nice. It’s like a Super Whole Foods! Reminds me of Whole Foods and the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. The whole store is practically organic as well. That […]

Day 17 JavaScript Switch & Loops

Finally, the relief and enjoyment of being able to continue without having to worry about catching up with writing notes. I think that was the reason for my stress lately about learning how to code. I was being stagnant to long playing catch up with my notes. I did not like that feeling of not […]