Pokedex Project

Hey, coders, it’s time to bring everything together with what I’ve learned with jquery by building a Pokedex. This project combined mainly used the new knowledge of AJAX. I was able to use a cool free pokemon API to get all of the pokemon data called pokeapi.co.

Simple HTML was made just created a search button, boxes of the color of red to resemble a Pokedex, and an image for Pokemon sprites.

For the CSS for this project, I imported google fonts and a reset. Used $ to assign color values and used SCSS format to design it.

As for the Javascript, I created functions for changing the images when a different Pokemon’s ID or name was entered and a default initial function that runs. The project was able to connect every Pokemon from the first generation to the latest generation.

Overall this was a fun project and as a Pokemon gamer myself I could see how it was possible to create your own Pokemon game online. Which I have played before pokemon on private servers which eventually get shut down due to copyright but still fun nonetheless.

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