What is Jquery 2019

Hey, coders, it’s onward with the Javascript learning. Since the last blog, I’ve been practicing using jquery. Even though it may be old and there may be new libraries, but it’s still the most downloaded library on the internet, also it’s is still the legacy code to many websites. According to Wikipedia, 70% of the 10 million most popular webpages use jquery. It is not a language but a Javascript library.

Jquery is great for cleaner code and allows Javascript to run faster. It is used primarily for HTML/DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, event methods, Ajax, and traversing elements. You can also practically style your front end with just jquery instead of using CSS. It plays a key role in many webpages for its click event functions and animations. Overall it is a very powerful library for Javascript and compliments ES6 structure. To find out more and all of the documentation of using jquery visit the official website jquery.com.

As far as my practice of using jquery today I practiced using browser events, event handlers, event objects, and form events. Along with working with events, I worked with DOM manipulation, adding and removing class, cloning elements, wrapping elements, inserting inside of elements, insert before and after element, removing an element, replace an element, attributes and values, and style properties.

Overall jquery is a great library to know before getting into newer libraries like Angular and React.

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