Hey, coders over the weekend I got familiar with ES6 up to the current ES10. ES6 had the most amount of changes and very powerful ones it made a lot of code shorter and for loops simpler as well.

ES6 2015

The things that I practiced with ES6 were declaring variables with let and const. Using arrow functions, template strings, default params, rest operator, and spread operator. Also destructing arrays, forEach method, map method, filter, find, every and some method, and promises. For the most part, the structure of how to create functions got shorter and so did for loops and powerful methods were added.

ES7 2016

For ES7 I only practiced with two things that were changed which were include method and exponentiation infix.

ES8 2017

More changes were made compared to last year the things I practiced doing were object.values, object.entries, string padding, object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors, tralling commas, and async await.

ES9 2018

Only 3 changes were made that I practiced which were rest properties for objects, spread properties for obejcts, asynchronous iteration.

ES10 2019

Finally up to date with the Javascript code the changes made were array.flat, array.flatMap, trim start and trim end, and function.toString.

Essentially ES6 was the biggest change as far as the format than the rest were mainly new methods. Here is the documentation for all of the changes. To keep to date with new changes in the making here is the link

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