JS Pokemon Game Completed

Hey, coders its been a few days since my last blog. I completed the Pokemon game project with plenty of bugs along the way.

Just as I finished fixing all of my errors in my last blog I came across even more… This happened because I put everything in an object. This was a necessary struggle though because this error occurred as I was trying to clean up my code for it to be more modern and faster. The struggle now was to put all of my Javascript code into an object.

I was able to complete finding out who the winner was and UI health to make the health bar go down after an attack.

In this project I was able use a lot of techniques I have learning about like function constructors, query selector that manipulates the DOM, and prototyping just to name a few. It was a great experience to build a game and see the designers role as well in creating games, this wouldn’t have been possible without the Pokemon database.

The next project will be focused on object-oriented programming. A lot more projects to accomplish but day by day I feel closer and closer to the goal. Keep moving forward my friends only great things are ahead in the face of adversity.

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