Debugging Break Through

Previously in my last blog, I was stuck with errors in my Pokemon game, and as I suggested taking a break from the code helped. It wasn’t only that though it was stepping back and increasing my time preference to accept the learning curve.

I stepped back and read inspiring stories of others who became developers with no CS degree and it was very motivational. Everything I have been passively learning about for the past couple of months started clicking yesterday.

All of the Weird Parts of Javascript courses started to make sense. Even though his course wasn’t in the chrome developer tools in the console the concepts and ideas underneath the hood did. It wasn’t the under the hood things I was struggling with but the actual console in the dev tools. I started to understand how to debug line by line with breakpoints and seeing the scope of objects. Making sense of it all was clicking, mainly started to see what object was undefined and if it was supposed to be undefined at that point in the code. I also experimented with putting functions in different places to see when functions should be triggered.

I’m super pumped that everything I’m learning is coming to fruition this is the most important part of the job as a developer to be a problem solve.

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