Hey, coders, today’s project is something I’ve been working on for a few days now, which is a pokemon game. It’s a simple game using the OG Kanto region starters minus Pikachu. I simply used the animation sprites from a pokemon database website smogen.com

The first things set up was the HTML and CSS for the layout, then created 2 views for this project. The first view is the stage for choosing your character and the second stage is for battle.

Next was to create a function for when a user selects a pokemon, along with that came with a function to keep track of the game state. With those two things created I just had to create a function for the CPU to pick a pokemon as well.

Earlier I set up the two views of the game, this time I created a function to change stages when you click a character. After that, I had to set up the pokemon database which was just done in the Javascript code as an array nothing fancy. I got this information in the Pokedex of smogen as well.

Now with the database set up, I created a function for changing characters in the battle screen. Then I just cleaned the code a bit with better comments etc of each function that I described in this blog post.

This Pokemon game is a mix of rock, paper, scissors for the ease of battle logic. So I set up choosing attacks which are rock, paper, scissors and created the logic for which combinations win or lose.

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