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Hello, coders, I’m back from blogging hiatus, even though I’ve inactive I’ve still been coding but slacking. It’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year. My portfolio is good on HTML and CSS projects but now its time for more complex projects. JavaScript time yet again.

This will be my third time visiting JavaScript and this time I have a much better understanding on whats going on under the hood because of my previous deep dives.

Getting right into it I revisited the JavaScript basics of syntaxes, data types, operators. Numbers, integer methods, strings, and string methods. Then with basic knowledge of integers and strings, I reviewed arrays again and learned about array methods.

Then reviewed what objects were which are variables with key:value pair which everything in JavaScript is an object essentially.

After object basics it was on to functions. Functions main use is to iterate through data to look for something and cause an event to happen when it finds that data or doesn’t find it. A lot of features in JavaScript are functions like using an operator for a value or using dot method to call a class and DOM manipulation. Even so functions are objects in JavaScript.

Next on the list of review are loops which I said previously are used to iterate through data. There is a for loop, while loop, and do while loop. Besides loops there are also if/else statements and switch statements. Function statements are great to use for long blocks of code that are triggered based on certain conditions.

Those are the basics of JavaScript but outside of it the DOM is part of HTML but a JavaScript basic as well a lot of frameworks are dedicated to manipulating the DOM like Angular.

After the basics just messed around with making notification settings with choosing albums.

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