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Hey coders I’ve been slacking with coding projects lately. Now that I created a practice portfolio its time to buy a portfolio made by good designers and really clean up my projects so that it looks professional. For now my goal is to clean up my portfolio projects so that they look professional.

This past week I’ve been helping my friend launch his SEO sales website and of course we were running into error after error before launch.

Some errors we’ve ran into were things like an attempt to back up the website the website and being stuck in staging mode. My friend only attempted to back up the website because there was in error in the wordpress builder tool Elementor. This tool allows for pages to be easily built by arranging content how you’d like with ease.

These errors lead down different rabbit holes. For example the staging mode feature you can do in WordPress is interesting, it allows you to test changes and see the whole website with the applied changes but doesn’t apply to your website live. I fixed getting out of staging mode by going into the cpanel of the WordPress files and deleting all of the files with staging in its name.

The Elementor plugin reminded me again to why I believe in Bitcoin, which is that 3rd parties are securities holes. As the saying goes with plugins the less the better. If I could I would rather have the content be in raw code so that it wouldn’t cause errors in something I’m not in control of. I am in the process of learning to build WordPress websites from scratch especially once I go down the PHP rabbit hole.

None the less the website looks awesome and alot of time was put into for all of the content provided by Raven Sky. Major shout out to him and all the great work he has already done. His website is going to crush it. Skydaisymedia.com

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