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Hey coders today was more work towards the practice portfolio. This is from scratch, however I am not a designer so I will be going with a more customized portfolio. Nonetheless creating this from nothing is fun.

I used Satoshi Nakamoto as my example for the laughs. I wish I got could be acknowledged by him/her/they, but still a salute to the creator either way. The testimonials section was in container with 3 different containers for content. Left side, center, and right side with the center containing a lorem ipsum paragraph for details.

Inside of the CSS I created a box shadow for the center info container and made the left and right side images same length as the container for a vertical image. Lastly created a hover effect to become red and have name pop up.

Improving day by day 1% minimum. Finding errors in HTML & CSS is becoming more second nature and not as long to figure out.

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