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Hey coders its day 129 on the road to code. I’ve been stressing about progress and speed of execution lately but that doesn’t matter as long as you stay in the game and keep on pushing through it. I may not have as much free time as younger people but I’ll keep on learning even if it takes me double the amount of time.

Yesterday’s accomplishment was completing the blog section of my portfolio. I created the blog section in my portfolio within HTML with a section id of blog-section inside of a div class container inside of anther div class blog container. Inside of the blog container was the div post, post image, content, then a href link to read more. This was copy and pasted 6 times for 6 boxes.

The styling of the blog section in CSS was made with grids. For CSS I make sure to keep CSS documentation open in another tab. Along with grid styling added a hover affect to the blog post.

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