Branding Portfolio Layout

Hello coders, so I’m finally working on a mock portfolio and with it I’ll be able to start giving it to employers to look for work. This is exciting, even though I still need to customize my portfolio first and add more projects to impress employers.

Today I just started to work on it but just completed styling the top section and services section. It’s still more of a layout for now.

I’ve been struggling today with how I should brand myself. Me and my name is my brand however with my blog, vlog, and social media’s I’ve already branded myself as Trilamanila instead of my government name. All of the SEO branding I’ve been creating would be erased if I decided to change it to my name at this point. In the end I’ll just stick with my Trilamanila brand and pivot my potential employers to those sites.

Besides my portfolio, I purchased some domains from namecheap to change my heroku deployment sites, so that I don’t look like I’m fresh out of bootcamp.

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