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Happy 4th of July coders! There are a lot of political debates going on about the holiday this year. However, I appreciate the time of when the 4th of July occurs. It happens right in the middle of the year and gives you time to reflect on the year and your progress on accomplishing your goals.

Yesterday was exciting to create new accounts for Bitbucket, SourceTree, & Sourcerer tools which professionals use. It is nice to finally be able to use tools with good visuals representing the abstractions of an abstraction concept.

Bitbucket is a great tool to use to track your files like GitHub, however in a corporate setting it is practical to have your code private. GitHub is great for open source projects but not for private companies. Here is the documentation of how to use Bitbucket.

SourceTree is great tool for teams since it has great visuals for branch management and branch history. This models the terminal command line abstraction visual representation. Here is the documentation to use SourceTree.

Yesterday I played around with both tools getting familiar with connecting Git, making branches, merging branches, and getting remote access as well.

With the new skills acquired with using Git on GitHub you are able to show off your skills on Instead of recruiters looking through your GitHub they are able to see a visual representation of your work.

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