2020 Mclaren 720S Spider Landing Page Color Picker & Performance Container

Today was a gloomy start due to the bs scenarios that we all similarly create in our heads. Luckily I started off my day coding at 5am, and get to listen to a great podcast before work to give me that kick in the ass to start my day.

Keep moving forward without emotion towards your goal. Change happens in an instance. Your entire state of being and vibration can change to whatever you focus your energy on like a radio frequency.

Today I coded for over 7 hours today and accomplished to create the color picker page and the performance page.

The color picker page required containers for the image photo, the color palette, color slider, and paragraph. Each of the circles for the colors were all containers individually.

Working on this project has made me better at debugging issues in CSS. I’m not stuck on fixing positioned or getting things to show up on the page correctly as long.

After creating the color picker, the performance information was next. For this page a container for the left image, title, 2 paragraphs, and 2 circles with icons were needed.

My mind is starting to think like a developer when looking at how to create things on a webpage.

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