2020 Mclaren Car Landing Page Update

Today’s coding journey has been productive, but still slacking. I’m sure people can finish something like this in a day. However, I need to ingrain the methods and little CSS tricks into my brain first to go. I’m not discouraged since day by day I’m getting better and understanding more by doing.

Here is the progress made so far today. I completed styling the top jumbo, did the HTML markup for an info container, and also styled half of the info container.

There’s still have dummy text in most of the boxes still just marking everything up to place text later. I am really grasping a lot of key concepts of how to move things by using margin, padding, and creating circles with border-radius etc.

Overall I am having fun creating this project and looking forward to adding this to my portfolio and making it live for a side hustle as well and generating income from ads.

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