Mclaren 2020 720s Spider Car Landing Page Project

It’s been a busy weekend figuring out the kids schedules. Now that there’s a newborn my 2 year old is not liking it at all and is requiring a lot more attention diverting me from my work. I notice that successful people time box all aspects of their lives including time boxing family time. That is something I eventually want to be able to do, however on to my current project.

I have been working on a car landing page as my new project for my portfolio. The car that’ll be in my landing page will be the new 2020 Mclaren 720s Spider which is badass. Here is what is looks like currently.

The work involved so far has been picking out colors for the gradient background, styling the header, and still currently styling the jumbo.

It is my goal to get paid as soon as possible and websites about things that are commonly searched are good for ad revenue from Google AdSense. It is also my goal to have many side hustles from the hard work I’m putting in to learn how to code.

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