Social Media Landing Page Completed

Finally the social media landing page project is over in the course. However, I still need to complete 2 more projects this week to be on track. Small victory then its on to more execution.

This project taught me a lot especially getting back to the basics HTML and CSS. I’ve been focusing only on JavaScript for awhile now and this was refreshing. It really showed how to break down a website piece by piece to recreate it. More projects along these lines are on the way and I’ll be able really grasp the concepts and get better muscle memory.

My debugging skills were put to the test this project and will continue to be going forward. I am excited to gain more debugging skills.

Next project will be a product landing page and ready to execute swiftly. Thank you for keeping updated with the project now it’s on to the next. I will continue to edit this social media landing page to make it more custom.

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