Social Media Project Part 2

Its the end of the first week at Coding Phase ASAP developers courses. An honest retrospective is that I’m slacking on keeping up. I wasn’t able to complete the full first project this week and finishing it up now.

I did however make good progress on it. Here is what I have built so far. The social media site is coming to life. Something I’m very excited to be working on a project like this.

Just think about it, a world can be built by building something like a social media website. Groups and communities all in one place. Of course this is just the design part of the website and not all of the functional features to it but still I can play a role.

I was able to complete the top area where I created two buttons, round profile picture, and the background image similar to Facebook. Along with that I completed the most of the content area and styling the side column.

Next I must complete the submenu and coding the post box, then just double check the code and debug problems where it’s needed.

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