HTML5 Basics 2019

Today was more of the same grind of getting down to business on Coding Phase courses. The first project will be about HTML and CSS, however, this time around it is more exciting to learn about. Instead of building a old out of date 90s web page the first project will be creating a web page similar to a social media home page.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Everything is made using HTML on the internet. It is essentially the foundation of the internet. There are 32 tags that are commonly used to write HTML. It seems like it is a lot however, with repetition will not be to difficult to remember. Here is a link to the common HTML tags from a great resource for HTML in general.

HTML Boiler Plates

A good start to start creating a HTML website is to use the infamous HTML5 boiler plate. Boiler plates are like templates, it provides the very basic framework to a build a web page. Here is a guide to how to use HTML boiler plates.

The modules after HTML boiler plate of the Coding Phase HTML course were text tags, list tags, image tag, container tags, anchor tags, table tags, HTML forms, link and scripts, and branding elements.

Next blog will be about CSS and moving on to 3 projects from there.

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