Developer Starter Set Up 2019

Coding Phase memorial day sale just ended and it is much better than I initially thought. Joe the instructor has set up a closed Facebook for accountability and had first livestream meet up last night.

The goal is to make sure everyone gets hired by two months by putting in the work and following the courses in the right order in the Facebook group. There is a weekly schedule to be on track to get hired in 2 months.

Developer Starter Set Up

Yesterday’s blog was part of the set up of learning terminal. Today was about installing a text editor and Node.

The text editor of choice was VS Code for the set up course. So the first step is download VS Code.

After downloading installing VS Code you want to go over some basic shortcut keys you’d use like search and replace (ctrl + f), create new file (ctrl + n), cut line (ctrl + x), copy line (ctrl + c).

Here’s there full list of shortcuts.

After learning some shortcut keys next thing to do is add useful extensions. However, not to add to many extensions, less is best.

The first extension is Polacode to take great screenshots of your code. Which this is actually what I needed to post tweets of my code.

Next is Auto Close Tags as the name suggests it s for easier closing tags and makes your life easier.

Another key extension is Prettier it cleans up your code after you save your code for formatting.

Install Ubuntu

Next on the checklist is install Ubuntu unto my windows computer. Here is a great blog explaining how to install it.

This is important as a developer to do because any developer job is not going to be using windows. Not unless you’re a .Net developer you will not be using a windows terminal.

In short you need Bash for a terminal and Linux and Macbook’s come with it installed.

Install Node

Now with Ubuntu installed into my Windows computer I downloaded Node and here is a how you do that.

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