Memorial Day Coding Courses Sale!

Hello coders there is a great sale going on for only this weekend at Coding Phase. Joe is a YouTuber I’ve been following for a few months and I respect his hustle and work. The sale is for a yearly subscription and access to all 44 of his courses all year.

This is well worth the investment in my opinion. I’m on this road to code as being self taught. As being self taught I’ve bought a few uDemy courses (Weird Parts Of JavaScript, Node.js, Angular all by Tony Alicea) and it is much cheaper do the yearly subscription, instead of buying each course individually.

The courses are very beginner friendly and actually start with terminal command things. So you’ll be able to learn everything you’d need to know from the basics.

Today I started finished with the Terminal For Developers courses. Within the courses I learned the basic commands I will need to know. This was a useful course to get into since I just finished Node.js courses and terminal knowledge is needed. Here are the basics commands I learned.

Terminal Commands

ls – list everything in the directory.

cd – this allows you to change directory similar to changing what folder you are in.

cd.. – this command changes directory back to previous directory.

mv – this command allows you to move folder/file and can rename files with this command.

Anyone looking to get into coding now is a good time as it always is. I aspire to always have a humble teachable student mindset to allow growth. I welcome going back to the basics to prepare for interviews.

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