WordPress Blog Revamp Plugins 2019

Revamping my blog was one of the first tasks after the #100DaysOfCode challenge. So here is a list of plug-ins I have compiled for my blog.

First tasks we’re adding in things to possibly monetize my blog….eventually. So first things first I went over to Google AdSense to set up ads to be on my website. These ads are PPC(pay per click) advertisers make money from people clicking on the ads or by page impressions. Also with Google AdSense, you can also set up a Custom Search Engine to optimize clicks. This is especially useful if your blog has a lot of information or content.

I wanted to optimize the sidebar of my blog. So, I downloaded Custom sidebar widget first. This allows you to add things for your custom sidebar to pop up on your blog.

With a sidebar enabled I added the plugin Mailchimp Forms by Optin Cat. This allows for new viewers to get notification emails of your new content to stay updated.

Last sidebar plugin that I added was Recent Post Widget Extended as the name suggests it shows recent blog posts on the sidebar for easier navigation.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Google AdSense. I couldn’t figure out how to put ads on my site.

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