Day 92 MEAN Stack

The MEAN stack is the most commonly used technology stack associated with Node.js. A stack is a combination of all technologies used to build software. For example a database system, your server side code, your client side code, and everything else. It is your choice to use any technology for a stack it is not set in stone. However, MEAN is an acronym M for Mongoose E for express A for Angular and N for Node.

Mongoose stores your data in documents that look a lot like JSON and JavaScript object literal notation.

Express is a JavaScript framework in Node that makes things like routing, writing APIs, and working with HTTP easier.

Angular is a JavaScript framework for the client side. It is used to manage code and UI on the browser.

Node.js is JavaScript on the server and handles HTTP requests and responses.

From Anthony Alicea’s JavaScript and Node.js course I have learned a little about each of these except for Angular. There is a section dedicated to it coming up however I plan on purchasing his course for that as well since he a is a great teacher. The MEAN stack gives me a goal to aim for to become a full stack developer.

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