Day 86 Node.js Stream and Buffer

Today’s lessons were mainly asides about streaming and buffering. These are two key concepts to understating how web servers work.

Buffer is a temporary holding spot for data being moved from one place to another.

Stream is a sequence of data made available over time.

I understood these two concepts when I thought about watching movies and YouTube on the internet. A stream is opened for data, and that data is stored on the buffer then it gets processed so we can watch things.

Another aside that followed these concepts was binary data. Some basic fundamental knowledge to computer science. Binary data is data stored in binary (sets of 1s and 0s). This tied into how binary data is used for streaming and buffering.

Next topic was character sets, which is a representation of characters as numbers. This doesn’t have to be binary most are Unicode character sets.

After data’s are made into character sets, they are processed through character encoding, which is how characters are stored in binary. The most common character encoding on the internet is UTF8 which stores up to 8 bytes. UTF8 allows a lot of possible combinations for different languages with a lot of characters.

Also got to look into the libraries of Buffer and Stream inside Node.js and followed along with examples of using it in code.

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