Day 81 Node.js Intro

Its the finally Q2 of the year, so today I pulled the trigger on buying another Anthony Alicea course for node.js. Alicea’s teaching style makes it easy to follow along and understand the abstractions underneath the hood. Underneath the hood of node.js is the V8 engine developed by Google. The V8 engine is actually coded in C++ but understands JavaScript.

The intro of the course is a lot of conceptual asides to understand before getting into node.js. The intro of the course started with explaining the command line interface, conceptual asides about processors, machine language. Also the basics of what a server and client model was. Then it was a review of JavaScript key concepts like first-class functions, function expressions, objects, and object literals.

So for the most part of today I didn’t even get into node.js but learned about important concepts as a prerequisite. The main takeaway from the basics of JavaScript that will be important to node.js is modules. Modules are a reusable block of code whose existence does not accidentally impact other code.

This course has more parts to it than The Weird Parts Of JavaScript but does a refresher on JavaScript as well. I cannot wait to learn more about node.js and move onto MySQL and Angular. However I really do need a deeper understanding of working with live servers for development before launching a product.

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