Day 79 JavaScript Facebook Login And Graph API

Today got to work on something exciting. I got to work with Facebook’s API this was something I didn’t expect to get into yet. There are still some key details that I am missing from learning from this project. The two were not understanding how to fully utilize Bootstrap 4 and not understanding the whole concept with running localhost. I know that node.js goes into local hosts which is the next rabbit hole to look into for a udemy course.

Besides the shortcomings I noticed in my knowledge, creating a developer account to use on Facebook was awesome. I really felt like I’m was doing something that would be useable in today’s day and age, not an old looking 2000s website.

This was a good project to learn how to use other famous website APIs. Most APIs require a security key which Facebook did and most others will. A lot of the project Facebook provided the code to make the API usable in the HTML file.

I found another weakness with following along with this project though which I will be focusing on now. Bootstrap 4 and local servers along with node.js will be the next rabbit holes to grasp.

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