Day 78 JavaScript Text To Voice App

Today was more of the same listening to The Weird Parts of JavaScript as a podcast at work. Also, I got to build an app today a text to speech app that spoke whatever was written in the text box.

This time it was much different building a project and know what is going on underneath the hood of the JavaScript engine.

The project was only two files index.html and main.js. Minimal styling was included in the HTML file. Mark up for the app was in the HTML file but most importantly it connected APIs with the voice data and bootstrap.

The JavaScript was easy to understand with a lot of const variables pointing to an event. This time around I has a much better understanding of manipulating the DOM and handling events.

After completing the project I took good practice to reread the code to understand everything going on in the code. This was a lesson learned from The Weird Parts Of JavaScript. Since a whole section was dedicated to reading jQuery library and being able to understand it.

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