Day 77 JavaScript DOM, API, AJAX Practice

Today was more hands on kind of day. Now that I understand the abstractions and concepts behind DOM, AJAX, & API it’s time to put in the work and apply the code to make it work. Now it just comes down to repetition of applying these methods in different projects to get accustomed to using them. Also I do not want to get rusty with using GitHub.

It’s all coming together now though and I can feel the job opportunity coming soon. JavaScript fundamental basics are like HTML with no CSS. Webpages are able to work like a normal webpage in this day and age by being able to grab large amount of data from different places and update live.

Now it’s just about putting in the work with coding. My path has basically been researching whatever I don’t understand and it has been leading me in a good direction with many different rabbit holes. I believe that the key to learning fast is to first establish what you do not understand in order to further understand the topic.

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