Day 71 JavaScript The Weird Parts Review

Back to the blog streak. I’ve just recently finished the udemy course by Anthony Alicea The Weird Parts of JavaScript. This is something I’ve been listening to for weeks everyday at work. However, I would only re-listen to the same parts that I have actually watched. So the last parts of the course I haven’t heard to many times. Also today finished the animation I section of the Grasshopper app.

Finishing the course has given me a greater understanding of the JavaScript engine. An understanding of being able to read the code and know what’s going on under the hood. Simple things like functions, methods, objects, and parsing. Enough knowledge to know how libraries and frameworks are built.

Along with understanding JavaScript on a deeper level it has pointed me in the direction of different things related to JavaScript as well. A wealth of information regarding which libraries are popular for JavaScript. Libraries like underscore, moment.js, jQuery, JSON, and just general knowledge of DOMs. Basic knowledge was discussed about these topics however I want a deeper understanding. These are the next things I’ll be looking into mentioned in the course.

After looking into these subjects I’ll be purchasing another course by this wonderful teacher. Which he has courses on angular and node.js.

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