Day 61 JavaScript Grasshopper App

Recently I’ve come across an interesting coding app called Grasshopper. It’s definitely a convenient app to code in. It has been a user-friendly way to learn JavaScript for newbies. I completed the fundamentals section of it so far in JavaScript. It has been a great way for me to build confidence in my knowledge of JavaScript. Haven’t needed help in any of the answers so far except for one of the questions. I didn’t know that the variable was already implemented in the code and is apparently a hidden part of the code.

Besides just using this app to go over basics of JavaScript I’ve been re-listening to the weird parts of JavaScript video which I’ve seen 3 times now since the weekend. Finally just had to buy the full course since the first 3.5 hours of the video was about the global variables/objects and under the hood knowledge of the programming language.

The idea to build a good understanding of JavaScript as whole because all of the newer professional frameworks and libraries are all based off of JavaScript. The creators of these different frameworks and libraries created it with their understanding of the JavaScript language. So it all comes back to knowing JavaScript language to fully understand React, jQuery, angular etc.

The weird parts of JavaScript is the first course I’ve purchased on udemy and I’m liking the app a lot. I work a manual labor job and the courses you can listen to as a podcast since he explains the abstractions created from JavaScript and not just copying code from him. The app itself is everything I wanted which was to adjust play speed to 1.5 to allow me to listen to it repetitively and also I can minimize it and still use my phone unlike the YouTube app.

The goal to apply what I’m learning from the courses using the coding app to build confidence by knowing things without hints.

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