Day 60 JavaScript The Weird Parts

I came across a great 3.5 hour video explaining JavaScript. Tony is definitely the best teacher I’ve come across so far. He has the philosophy of understand don’t mimic. Which means to understand what’s going under the hood besides just mimicking project codes.

The video was well put together and explained things that I already learn about, but made it click all together.

It explains the basics of the basics. For example it started off explaining syntax parser, execution contexts, and lexical environments.

Syntax parsers is a program that reads your code and determines what it does and if it’s grammar is valid.

Execution context is a wrapper to help manage code. It has two phases the first is the creation phase. In the creation phase the syntax parser reads for functions and variables and automatically makes them global objects. It also makes a global variable called this. In short the first phase sets up the memory space for the code to be executed later. The final phase is the code execution which computers and executes code line by line.

Lexical environment is where your code physically sits in the code you write. This plays a role in the order code is executed.

A lot more was discussed in detail in the video but this lecture was so good had to go ahead and buy his full 12 hour course on JavaScript. Definitely can’t wait to dive into the rest of the course.

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