Day 59 JavaScript Higher Order Functions

Repetition, repetition, repetition the higher functions of JavaScript are finally starting to click. I’ve went over what they are and what they do in freecodecamp but it still wasn’t fully clicking.

Not until I started to do projects and study coding methodologies it wasn’t fully clicking. I am of the philosophy of being in a new place every time you listen to the same information. The context you accumulate before listening to the same piece of information again makes you a new person. So it’s finally all starting to click the bigger picture.

Arrow functions were mentioned in freecodecamp but not emphasized on how it’s the normal coding format. I think they said that but didn’t have to many exercises focusing on it or future content only using arrow functions. It went back to for loops after learning about it.

Higher order functions will be a key concept with arrow functions for the upcoming front end development course. This time around I will work on some projects and watch YouTube videos explaining it first. Then go on to freecodecamp. Things should click faster with this method.

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