Day 58 SOLID Methodology

Whats up coding fam today I came across a new methodology that I’m hype about. The reason I’m hyped about this methodology because of the first book I read this year was the Agile Architecture Revolution, which was too advanced for me. However, I got the general concept of it, but Solid was mentioned in the book and definitely seems like a methodology you’d need to know before learning about Agile. Learning about solid is definitely the next book on my book list. I just bought a copy of Clean Code written by Robert Martin who was also the co-author of the Agile manifesto!

So, lets get right into what the letters in SOLID means.

S — Single Responsibility Principle(S.R.P)

A class should have one, and only one, reason to change.

O — Open-Closed Principle

You should be able to extend a classes behavior, without modifying it.

L — Liskov Substitution Principle

Derived classes must be substitutable for their base classes.

I — Interface Segregation Principle

Make fine grained interfaces that are client specific.

D — Dependency Inversion Principle

Depend on abstractions, not on concretions.

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