Day 57 Clean Code

Hey, coders it’s been a inconsistent week on the road to code. Monday and Tuesday’s are usually rebooting days for me since I work overnight on the weekends. I’ve been able to run with no sleep for awhile.

However, behind the scenes this week I’ve just been watching YouTube videos on JavaScript and web developer topics as a whole. I watched videos from FreeCodeCamp and Dylan Israel.

Dylan Israel has a playlist called “Code Like A Pro: How To Write Code Professionally”. A lot of it is about readability and common coding practices. Some good info I got from it was a plug-in called a linter which points out Errors in readability and syntaxes.

His series also pointed me in a good toward for good coding books. One that I just ordered is Clean Code by Robert Martin who co authored the Agile manifesto. My first book of the year was the Agile Revolution which was to advanced for me but I understood most of the concepts.

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