Day 54 JavaScript Framework Review

Today I ended up spending an hour trying to build a portfolio with SASS which ending up being a lost cause. I never used SASS before and I downloaded it in the command line properly with npm init etc, but just wasn’t in the folder it was supposed to be and couldn’t find it. So I just switched gears and ending up doing a review on what I need to know before moving on to JavaScript frameworks.

First understanding would be of modules. Modules are used to import/pieces of code into another file. Without modules there would be no framework because it allows everything to be brought together.

Another important topic was also knowing classes in JavaScript. Classes are used mostly in React and Angular.

  • structuring a class
  • constructors
  • methods and properties
  • instantiation
  • expending classes

Arrow functions is the modern standard in JS. Looks cleaner and less lines of code.

Also an understanding of promises/ asynchronous requests. The prerequisite suggestions were learn how to create and receive promises. Standard .then() and .catch() syntax. Lastly learn the fetch API for making HTTP requests.

Another prerequisite was to understand destructuring. It unpacks values from objects and arrays. Commonly used in frameworks and is cleaner code.

Finally an understanding the concept of components & state. UIs are broken up into individual components of which have some sort of state associated with them. Each component can have it’s own data & state of being. We also have application level state, usually implemented using a state manager like Redux, Vuex, etc. Nested components of parents and children.

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