Day 53 JS Weight Converter & Contact Filterable List

Day 53 I did 2 mini projects using JS, HTML, & CSS. I have only been using languages that I learned about in freecodecamp. It is definitely a grind to keep on pushing on while not confident in my skills so far.

Even though I’m far from mastery, I am starting to see patterns. Patterns of mark up layouts, CSS, and JavaScript all working together. I am getting used to using Emmet in Atom like using <!> then <tab> to get an example HTML markup and other shortcuts.

I am also getting used git basic commands and putting them in my GitHub profile repository. I need to look more into good GitHub habits though and use branches more and better way to push git.

Its not even a week of projects yet but its pretty tough compared to just studying. I am liking the challenge and can’t wait to have building projects come second nature with the more and more I build.

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