Day 52 Countdown Landing Page

First time requesting a day off work overnight this year. Today celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday. So it’s a bit ironic that I chose a project relating to time.

Time itself has been an interesting topic I’ve been learning about in reference to sound money and Austrian economics.

Salability is an aspect of sound money and time is one of its properties. The amount of value money is able to hold over time is what makes it sound.

Without money holding value over our time preferences are skewed. If money does not hold value over time it loses our incentive to hold on to it for the future. Resulting in a overall higher time preference. As our culture sees much of today with pop culture rap songs and cliche sayings. Might not live tomorrow so let’s spend it all while we can…

However, with sound money that keeps value over time we would have a lower time preference. It would be more common to think more about the future and our next generation if we all knew that our money inflation and value will be relatively the same as it is now. A general consensus.

On to the project I did today. It was a countdown landing page. It was a lot of fun to build and was my first time building a project using the date functions I learned in freecodecamp. It was a good amount of HTML, CSS, and JS. So it was good for brushing up on everything.

Overall it will be good practice to know since most jobs hiring for developers are start ups. Most start ups will need a countdown timer before it launches. At least that is my thinking.

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