Day 47 Completed JavaScript In FreeCodeCamp!

About a month and half later finally completed JavaScript in FreeCodeCamp! The projects were a little different than what I was expecting. I was expecting to build a website like HTML/CSS course, but I suppose that will be done in the next course with more front end capabilities.

The projects were interesting the last one was building a working cash register. The amount of code that it took was almost 100 lines of code so that was fun to make. Very interesting to see all of the moving parts required to make simple cash register do what it needs to. It made me appreciate the technology a cash register does as a previous cashier worker.

Now comes the time for repetition to come into play. I did not master every thing in JavaScript and still struggled with completing all of the code required to make it work. My approach to solving problems still needs to be worked on, knowing which functions and syntax are required on the spot will be the goal.

For the rest of the week I will be working on independent projects apart from freecodecamp to prepare for the next course ahead of me. It is time for a new habit to form. I will be using Github to record all of my independent projects, that will inevitably help me pass job interviews and get a job as a front end developer.

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  1. Well done. I just (re)started FCC’s JavaScript cert earlier this week. I dropped out when I got stuck last time. So I envy getting to the same stage as you have.

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