Day 46 JavaScript Review Before Projects

Another productive overnight shift and learning to code. It was more of an educational night of just reviewing. Finally watched the JavaScript tutorial video by Freecodecamp on YouTube and it’s a great educational resource. The video was 3 and a half hours long and covered the basics, however not the methodologies.

I must say that I should’ve done this in the first place! I guess growing up in this generation of learning things from Google and YouTube this is my type of learning.

Compared to what I was doing in the beginning. Which was writing down notes etc the traditional school way. Or maybe it clicked more because of doing it the traditional way. I can’t say for sure but next course in Freecodecamp I will be immediately going to the YouTube tutorial videos for the coding language basics. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

By not going to college all of my learning has essentially gone to self learning through the internet. Last year was all about personal development. I listened to the same audiobooks over and over again for the whole year to really absorb the information. So learning by repetition is something I firmly believe.

Time to get into building JavaScript projects. Which I am excited about even though I will struggle and that’s fine. Either way repetition and trail and error will be my sure fire way in succeeding.

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