Day 44 JavaScript Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

It was another boring heads down work type of day. I am definitely not drinking from a fire hose anymore. The grind still continues regardless.

Today’s topic went back to algorithm scripting, which we covered before. However, it is more advanced algorithms with real world scenarios instead of just executing one function.

I did not finish this section, but just one more section to go! Only 5 JavaScript projects. My strategy is to continue studying syntax’s with flashcards, which is working out great. It is working out a lot better than just writing down notes and moving on.

I have given up the idea of learning every single little thing within JavaScript in a short amount of time. It will take true skill and hours of mastery to know everything in the language. Repetition will beat out studying with no action. I must learn by doing, plus I need a career change ASAP.

Once I complete the next certification in freecodecamp I will just be working on projects until I get a front end developer job. In most cases I expect to find out that I do not need to know everything about the language to build exceptional products.

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