Day 40 JavaScript Basic Algorithm Scripting

It is day 40 and another section of freecodecamp JavaScript down! 60% completed with JavaScript down but of course still far from mastering the language. Will be reviewing topics again and again.

I am still very much lost in all of this but going with the execution method instead of just reading. Completing the JavaScript courses on freecodecamp and creating projects and seeing everything learned being put to use will make things click much better for me. I will also see which things I don’t really need to use either.

I cannot wait to build projects using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. First thing I want to make build websites for my portfolio showing skills to be able to do front end things and be able to apply for a job. I am very excited even though I don’t know everything there is to know about each language I am confident it will click with repetition of building projects.

Now on to JavaScript algorithms, they work hand in hand with data structures and they both need each other. There are multiple solutions to a problem and being able to choose which solution is best is the key skill in algorithm scripting.

Most of the solutions in freecodecamp were different variations of arrays. Variations like reverse, slice, splice, and repeating strings. The solutions were combining multiple syntax’s like sort, for loop, etc. Which I still need to memorize all of things and need to look do the rabbit hole of The Big O.

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